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Welcome to the World of Peter Rabbit!
(aka Introduction by the Author)

Gemtree Peter

Gemtree Peter is a visual programming tool designed for a simple and fast generation of the programs for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista. Its principal characteristic is the graphical presentation of the program structure. The program sections are assembled using the mouse like a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to the justification check of the element combinations, carried out already at the time of the program generation, there is no chance of syntactic failure origination. The program presentation by means of a tree structure enables a considerable improvement of the program lucidity. The creation of the program is quickly becoming extraordinary easy and flexible.

Gemtree Peter is intended for a broad range of the users. By using it, even the children of the pre-school age are able to draw pictures and teach their little rabbit to move. On the other hand, there are a lot of powerful functions intended to use by skilled programmers. It is not Peter's goal to train programmers out of all users. Its objective is to make the program generation accesible to all who want to create. No knowledge in the programming or computer areas is necessary. Everything is covered by the numberless functions. This is an effective mean for training the logical thinking, imagination, and aesthetic feeling.


To run it, a 486 computer using Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.5 with 10 MB disk space is sufficient.

downloads of Gemtree Peter

Now with source codes, which has been fully released to public use!


Gemtree Peter was originally licensed application (sold commercially). From 1st September 2012 has been fully released as FREEWARE. It may be used for private and commercial purposes. From 1st September 2013 source codes of the Peter where fully released to public use. Peter is offered for use in it's current form as it is, without any further support, development and repair.

>>> The author takes absolutely no responsibility for damages of any kind resulting from the use of Gemtree Petr application. <<<

Bugs and Known Issues

In future it is assumed just fix the mistakes that was created due to transformation Peter to freeware.

Development history of the Peter system versions

1.00 (6/1/1999) Bringing to the market on the ocassion of the "Children's Day"
1.02 (7/1/1999) Improving the operating possibilities of the dialog boxes.
1.04 (8/1/1999) DirectPlay network game support.
1.05 (8/4/1999) Substantial extension of the sound library, sound, and music preview in the library.
1.06 (9/1/1999) Substantial extension of the picture library, adding functions of the number incrementation and decrementation, centered text, and the Ecs key in the dialog boxes.
1.07 (10/22/1999) Support of the JPG, MP3, and RMI files in the library as well as in the program, substantial extension of the picture library and the music library, essential reduction of the disk space demands by converting the picture library into the JPG format, picture preview in the picture library, picture flip operation, automatic program saving on start.
1.08 (11/1/1999) In the picture and icon editor, as well as in the program the function of the smooth picture size change, optional interpolation accuracy and dithering. RichEdit (RFT) text format support in the dialog boxes - changeable font colour and type. Optional font appearance change (type, colour, size) of dialog box elements.
1.09 (12/1/1999) Changeable speed of sound playback, also backward direction. Dialogs for selection of file to be opened or saved. Picture rotation and brightness modification functions. Sound decompression to the PCM. Possibility of text loading and saving in the UNICODE code.
1.10 (2/20/2000) Multilingual support in the editor as well as in the program - Czech, German, English, Slovak. Option of font setup in the editor. Following option were implemented in the program: bit operations, number entry in HEX and BIN codes, icon and sheet conversion into a picture, user specified font, font list, selectable character set, window transparency, shutable frame and title, "always up" window, creation of a sheet with a selectable size.
1.11 (4/8/2000) Aliases (nickname of the filenames) support in library as well as in the programs. Library file names and program names are multilingual. Easy working in Novell net and in systems withou language support thanks to utilization of short names. Libraries are accessible directly from the installation CD-ROM, possibility create own libraries on CD-ROM and acces to data on usual CD-ROMs.
1.12 (6/1/2000) Ports (COM, LPT) support. English version of Peter. Picture masking in the program. Possibility of centered drawing text.
1.14 (12/1/2000) Into dialog elements is added edit field without wrapping, progressbar, trackbar, text searching in RichEdit, disable window closing, controllable maximization and minimization, sound mixer device support.
2.00 (6/1/2001) 3D graphics, fullscreen mode in the dialog mode and in Windows NT.
2.10 (11/15/2001) The Lite version - free for home uses. Into dialog elements is added the table, switch button, scrollbars, more kinds of frames of windows and elements. Multicolor mode (TRUE COLOR) when transforming graphic to half size.
2.11 (1/7/2002) Mathematical functions and console mode added to the Lite version.
2.20 (10/27/2002) Into 3D graphics added: dynamic shadows, speed-up service of cloned objects, changeable complexity of objects (LOD), object morphing, lens flare, chrome and lens texture mapping. Functions for color substitution in a picture, printing picture on a printer.
2.21 (11/25/2002) Added Russian version of Peter.
2.22 (12/15/2002) Added Spanish version of Peter. Enabled using of DLL libraries and Windows API functions, access to INI files and Windows registers.
2.23 (7/29/2003) Export and import 3D objects from memory blocks. Sound service using DirectSound. Loading TrueColor textures from a file.
2.30 (3/1/2009) Installation from license CD, without demand of license diskette.
2.32 (2/15/2011) Most functions released to Lite version.
2.41 (7/2/2011) UDP communication, 3/4 sized program icons.
2.50 (9/1/2012) Peter released as FREEWARE.


Source codes of the Peter fully released to public use.

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