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Welcome to Panda!

Who am I - mostly a programmer, I guess. Now retired (60 years old in 2023), which means I'm past the era of Z80, CP/M, DOS, interrupts and W95. Programming is my hobby, and my job before retirement. At work, I used to create game machines and at home, operating systems, rabbits and retro computers. My greatest life creations are: the DOS Manager, Train, Peter and TexiGen.

Why Panda - because I like pandas for their (apparent?) ease and calmness. And why 38 - because I was 38 years ago and I didn't think the nickname would resonate with me so much. :-)

Here on the website you can find my creations. I will be glad if someone will benefit from them.

Ing. Miroslav Nemecek

Software - my programs
Panda's DIY - my hardware creations (microchips)
About me - biography and others
Talking - or How it all happened
History - Interview published on www.osdos.net
Wikipedia - about me on Wikipedia
Quantum physics and miracles - reflection on the essence of life
Photobanks - for several years I have been working for photo banks. If anyone is interested in some of my media (for free), no problem, get in touch. My portfolios:

Adobe (Fotolia)

Smilies for phpBB forum (used on forum breatharian.eu), size typically 16x16, languages CZ, SK and EN. They are installed into the forum by unzipping into the images/smilies folder and then in Contribute / Smilies option.

Download smilies 16x16 for phpBB forum

Download source codes of smilies (12 MB) - graphics in Photoshop, animations, smileys in dimension 16x16, 32x32, 512x512.

E-mail: Panda38@seznam.cz
Alternative E-mail: hardyplotter2@gmail.com


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